Technical Aviation English course


As part of the Pools Leonardo da Vinci mobility project (VETPRO), ETI hosted the 2nd mobility programme on Technical Aviation English. This project is coordinated by the Dr.-Herbert-Weinberger-Schule in Erding, Bavaria , Germany and participants included trainers and instructors from other vocational colleges with the EASA 147 license for Cat A training :

Staatliche BerufsSchule -Erding
Ausbildungswerkstatt Kaufbeuren
Technikerschule Donauwörth
Städt. Berufsschule 1 Augsburg
Staatliche Berufsschule Pfaffenhofen

ETI led a train-the-trainer workshop on Technical Aviation English. The programme also included visits to:

the Lufthansa Technik Malta MRO and the MCM RJ MRO.

the Malta Aviation Museum in Ta Qali

the Aircraft Maintenance Centre workshops at the Institute of Mechanical Engineering , MCAST (Malta College of Arts, Sciences and Technology)

as well as observing some training sessions at MCAST.

For more information on this project or any of our training courses please do not hesitate to contact us.

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