We are conveniently located in the heart of St. Julians’s so getting to us is easy.


Airport Transfers

Airport Transfers can be:

Our Airport Shuttle Service Shared with other trainees and students in a Mini-Van which costs Euro 30.00 or

You can opt for a private Taxi which costs Euro 50.00

Fees include both arrival and departure transfers.


Taxi services

In Malta it is not common to flag a taxi down as they are not normally raoming the streets looking for clients. However you will find them at the most popular tourist spots and outside most hotels.

Before entering a taxi it would be advisable to ask and agree on a fare before staring your journey as not all have a taxi meter.

The official white taxis found at the Malta International Airport and the Valletta Waterfront Cruise terminal are based on fixed tariffs and are displayed clearly in the terminals. Prices may vary according to your destination. For a list of fares from the Malta International Airport please click here

If you need to book a taxi our reception staff will be happy to help you.


Bus Services

The public transport in Malta has recently been reformed.

Buses run regularly throughout the island. The main bus terminal is located just outside the city gates of Valletta. The majority of the bus routes travel to and from Valletta however there are a number of direct routes which serve many towns and villages around Malta, by passing Valletta.

Night buses run mainly from St. Julian’s . There are a number of Airport Express routes serving major towns . The bus routes servicing the St. Julian’s area are bus routes no 12 and no 13.

Fares vary and range from 50c to €2.60 for a day ticket. There are a number of ticket types such as day or weekly tickets. Tickets can be bought on the bus, please ensure you have the correct change. They can also be bought from ticket vending machines and ticketing officers.


For more information contact our reception staff who will be happy to advise you and help you out.