English Language Training courses

ETICoursesTeacher Training

Practise and improve your Fluency with other teachers and professionals. This is a practical discussion-based course aimed at targeting and improving your speaking skills.

Academic Writing and Presentations for University Staff & Researchers

This hands-on, practical one week course covers the language needed for presentations, talks and lectures, and deals with the delivery skills required by members of staff working in the Tertiary education sector. This course is for tertiary sector educators and researchers who would like to improve their Presentation Skills, both for giving conference talks and lectures. It also aims to...

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Fluency and English Language Development 2 weeks

This practical 2 week course is ideal if you are looking to develop your English language knowledge and improve your fluency. Similar in structure to our 1 week programme, this 2 week programme will give you more opportunity to work on your language and fluency development. Click here for a description of the 2 week course.  

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