Facilities and Services Reviews


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Birger Strufing
Consultant and Sigma GmbH

 “Well equipped, technical and training devices especially the digital boards”




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Malgorzata Ziemska

 “ETI is a modern school with the highest level of the equipment. Nice staff and teachers.”




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Izabela Gracz

 “Thank you!! I’m very satisfied with my stay at ETI Malta. I broadened my knowledge, refreshed the English language and improved the vocabulary. What is more I had a chance to participate in school trips, which allowed me to discover the beauty of Malta. It was an unforgettable time full of new experience and fun”



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Chris Schneider

 “Overall, a fantastic week! This week combined a greatly useful course with a super stay in a lovely country! ☺”




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Lijana Smaiziene
Klaipeda Lyceum

 “It was a real pleasure to learn in this modern building. I liked the design, colours , bright interior.”