Trainee Testimonial: Business Communication Combination Course. A. Jesionek


This month, Pia Vassallo , our marketing manager caught up with one of our trainee’s Anna Jesionek.


Anna is from Poland and she works for the training company Fundacja “Fundusz Inicjatyw”. She followed our 1 week Business Communication Combination course.

Anna Jesionek

Anna, could you tell us which course you are following at ETI Malta?


I am following the 1 week, Business Communication combination course. Normally the morning lessons would be held in a mini-group however when I arrived, Pierre decided my level was higher compared to the rest of the participants so I ended up having 1-1 lessons for my whole stay.


Initially I was little worried as I was looking forward to meeting new people from abroad and participating in group discussions, however I feel that my individual training has been extremely beneficial. My tutor adapted the lessons according to my English learning needs. We focused on the English language and business skills that I needed to work on.


We worked on my presentation, negotiation, effective meetings, telephoning, and business English writing skills. We particularly worked on writing e-mails and letters, which I found very beneficial.

We also focused on the English language and expressions used such as in meetings and negotiations and we looked at the intercultural aspects of Business scenarios.


Personally I found all the individual attention extremely useful as I improved my English and Communication skills.


Why are you following this course?

I am a project specialist and I am responsible for developing and managing European projects at both Regional and International level. The training company I work for, Fundacja “Fundusz Inicjatyw”, applied for an Erasmus+ grant and I was able to come to ETI and complete this course. As I work with international projects I wanted to follow this course to improve my general English, Business English as well as my communication skills in English.


What do you think of your trainer and your lessons at ETI?

My trainer was perfect for me. He customised my training programme to my needs. The lessons were very dynamic and interactive. He used various types of materials and teaching resources such as print, online articles and websites, podcasts, videos and a number of case studies. I feel like every single one of my senses was activated.


I was also given lots of feedback. My trainer, Neil also gave me lots of tips, materials and showed me various ways on how to maintain my English fluency after my course here at ETI. He also recommended English websites that are suitable for my level. I really appreciate this extra information.



What do you think of ETI Malta?

The courses at ETI Malta are professional. This is not only my opinion, I have discussed this with the other trainees I met during this week. They are all very happy too. If I have the opportunity to come here for a training session in the future I will definitely do so again.


What about the facilities?

Well, it’s a modern building. The training rooms are very comfortable. I liked the fact that the training room I was in was small and intimate. The round tables facilitated communication. The e-boards are very modern and the latest technology. They help make the lessons enjoyable and interactive .

I also enjoyed the lounge at ETI, besides offering coffee facilities; it was during my break that I met other trainees. I also appreciated the free Wi-Fi connection.


And the location?

It is perfect, very central. It is close to the sea, restaurants, the bus-stop. Yes, it’s very comfortable.


How about your accommodation?

I thought it was good value for money and a very good location; it was just round the corner from the school.


What is your opinion of Malta and the social programme at ETI?

This is my second time in Malta. I really like Malta and I have enjoyed my time here. I like the history and of course the sunshine and the seaside.

I like the fact that Malta is bi-lingual so you hear English everywhere you go . You have to use English to communicate and socialise also out of class.

I made some friends here with the other trainees at ETI and we all tried to speak English outside of class.

Malta is the perfect place to learn and also have some great free time.Grop photo

The Social Programme at ETI is great. I went on a number of tours such as Gozo and Valletta, I really appreciate the fact that the staff at ETI went out of their way to organise the Gozo trip just for us: me and the other trainees, friends I made here at ETI.

The Valletta trip was really nice. You get a good sense of the Maltese history. I really like the Malta Experience – it is a very good way to get a grasp of Malta, it’s history and culture.

Would you recommend ETI Malta and our Business English courses?

Yes, of course I would recommend ETI, especially if you want to improve your English language and your Business Communication skills. At ETI Malta you get the perfect combination of training and visiting a beautiful country.

Thank you Anna for your interview.

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blog author headshotInterview conducted by Pia Vassallo. Pia is ETI’s marketing executive. Pia has extensive experience in both teaching and marketing.