Ferdinand Schneider | Trainee Interview


This month Melanie Zabinski, one of our interns interviewed, Ferdinand Schneider from Germany. You could say Ferdinand is a regular at ETI, as this is his ninth time attending a course with us.

Ferdinand, could you please tell me which course you are following and why are you learning English?

I am taking part in the individual tuition course (15 hrs.). This course consists of three lessons each day. I want to improve my English mainly for private reasons, as nowadays, it is really important to speak and understand English well.

What do you think about your lessons and trainers at ETI?

I am really pleased with the lessons, as there is a really comfortable and private atmosphere and all of the classrooms are technically well-equipped. Due to internet access, it is also possible to make use of educational websites. Furthermore, I like the fact that the trainers are all native speakers.

Are you enjoying your stay in Malta?

Malta has some good possibilities to play golf and in addition, it is a really beautiful country with lots of wonderful restaurants and bars. Here on Malta, you can meet a lot of international people, it is a place where the English language is heard or seen everywhere. Especially in the form of advertisements, menus, etc.

What do you think you have learnt or benefited from during your individual lessons?

My trainer has tried to work on my individual weaknesses and problems. So therefore, targeted learning has been possible.

What do you think of the facilities and the area in which ETI is located?

ETI is really centrally located; you can reach everything on foot.

Would you recommend ETI Malta and why?

I would always recommend ETI Malta, as you can learn English perfectly here and the lessons here are adapted and customised for every individual person.