CEF Proficency levels

ProficientC2I can understand almost everything I hear or read. I can express myself spontaneously and fluently on all topics, including abstract and complex ones. I am precise and accurate in grammar and have a very wide range of vocabulary.
AdvancedC1I can understand speakers from different backgrounds.  with different accents. I can express myself fluently and effectively  in most situations. I am generally quite accurate  and have a wide range of vocabulary, although I sometimes do not know the exact expressions.
Upper-IntermediateB2I can contribute to conversations and discussions with fluency on a reasonably wide range of topics. I can understand the main ideas of more complex texts. I can express myself fairly fluently and effectively on a range of topics without too much strain. However  I still make mistakes, especially in longer sentences.
IntermediateB1I can understand and interact in a variety of social situations on familiar topics, but sometimes find that my vocabulary range is not sufficient, and my ability to use more complex structures  is limited. I need patience from more advanced speakers of English.
Pre-IntermediataeA2+I have enough vocabulary for familiar everyday situations, but I need to search for the words. I can use some simple structures correctly, but not complex structures. I can generally communicate in a simple way, but often have to stop and think when speaking, or start again in a different way.
ElementaryA2I have basic vocabulary and, if people talk very slowly and clearly, I can participate in small talk on a very limited range of subjects about myself. I struggle with basic grammatical structures.
BeginnerA1I can only use and understand simple phrases to introduce myself. I know a few basic English words on familiar topics. I need other people to communicate my ideas.