Nose on Challenge


Trainers and Trainees at ETI Malta

This morning  trainers, staff and all following our Business Communication and Fluency  as well as our Erasmus+ Teacher Training courses got together and wore red noses with pride. We did this to support a local charity Dr. Klown.

Dr. Klown

Dr. Klown is a Maltese non-governmemtal organisation dedicated to providing clown services at Malta’s national hospital, Mater Dei. It was founded in 2010 and has grown in numbers ever since. Clown doctors visit children at their hospital beds and while they are undergoing treatment. The kids, medical staff and family members are encouraged to join in, should they wish to. They have brought plenty of joy and happiness to many a child. After all  Laughter is the Best Medicine!Joe , giving us a thumbs up

All prospective Dr. Klowns, have to complete a rigorous training programme.

In fact, Joe, one of our maintenance staff is currently undergoing training and is hoping to graduate in the coming year.

Dr. Klown depends on donations from sponsors and the public. Should you wish to donate, then please visit their website.

This morning we all took on the Nose on Challenge. A donation of €2.00 each, bought us a red nose and a bucket-load of giggles. What a great way to start our day!




ETI Business Communication skills trainers and trainees supporting the charity Dr. Klown  ETI malta 2   ETI Malta 4