“Methods” Projects kicks off – Another EU funded project led by POOLS.


This is another project led by the POOLS partnership. POOLS has been running a number of projects in Language Teaching and Technology Enhanced Teaching for the past 12 years.

ETI runs a number of  in-service training courses in Malta. These courses disseminate and exploit the results of the POOLS Projects.

The “Methods” Project is a TOI (transfer of innovation) project which will be based on the original BP-BLTM (Best Practice-Best Language Teaching Methods) and later the Pools-m projects,

The project will continue to address the needs to develop language teaching methodologies which apply the use of the actual language taught in the classroom. The project also specifically develops specialised modules and methodology for teachers and trainers in the VET (Vocational Education) sector – a discipline generally not oriented towards the this sector. “Methods” will also continue to develop and promote the application of ICT methodologies in language teaching.

This project will transfer the BP-BLTM and Pools-m results to the VET sector in France (Guadeloupe), Malta, and Slovenia.