ETI Online Placement Test

Welcome to the ETI Placement Test. The objective of the Placement Test is to assess your English language level. You have a maximum of 45 minutes to complete the whole test. There are 3 short tests covering:

  • Grammar (15 minutes for 30 items)
  • Listening (15 minutes for 10 items)
  • Reading (15 minutes for 25 items)

Each test is independent; so you can take the tests in any order. Your score in all three tests will be calculated and used to place you in a group at the right level for your ETI course.

In order to do the Listening Test you will need speakers or headphones.

To do the Placement Test

Each test is timed and you will have 15 minutes. Your time starts as soon as the test appears on your screen. You can see the remaining time on top of the questions. When you finish a test, click on ‘SUBMIT’. If you do not finish the test in 15 minutes, you will be asked to go to the next test. If you want, you can take just one test at a time.  For example you can take the Grammar Test on one day and then take the Reading Test on a different day or at a  different time.

Start each test by clicking on the “Take the Test” button.