Sandro De Gregorio


After graduating in Chemical Engineering with top marks in “Federico II” University in Naples (Italy) and getting a PhD scholarship for the University of Valencia (Spain), Sandro became interested in photography and design and eventually decided to follow a more creative career. He worked for 15 years as a photographer, graphic designer and web designer in several important companies in Valencia, among which was the Luis Adelantado Gallery, a leading art space at national and international level in the contemporary art outlook.

Becoming more and more fascinated with the topic of Education, Sandro obtained a diploma in Social Education and started teaching English in both private and public centres, merging content, creativity, social skills and technology in his classes. He currently works as an English teacher in a public school in Alboraya (Valencia) and a private academy in Carlet (Valencia), where he applies the latest trends in Education, i.e. Project Based Learning, Vigotsky theory (interactive groups), creativity development, flipped classroom etc.