Since the introduction of the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) language proficiency requirements,  aviation English training has become a subject driven by specific objectives: attaining and maintaining the language proficiency in radiotelephony communications defined by ICAO Operational Level 4.  As English is the language most widely used by the global aviation community,  the community’s main focus currently lies in improving levels of spoken English.  These courses will enable you to reach the target level as specified by ICAO Operational Level 4.

Who is it for

These programs are intended for:

  • ab-initio air traffic controllers
  • ab-initio Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) pilots
  • in-service air traffic controllers
  • in-service Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) pilots
  • holders of Private Pilot Licences (PPL) who have completed ground school


Participants will ideally currently be at or around ICAO Operational Level 3 and wish to reach ICAO Operational Level 4. ETI also runs courses for lower levels as required.

Course details

During this course you will cover the following areas:

Professional Communication skills

  • Communicating more fluently with native and non-native colleagues
  • Understanding messages in routine and non-routine situations
  • Rephrasing messages in order to be better understood
  • Understanding native and non-native accents

Job-related Aviation language knowledge

  • Using basic grammatical structures in routine and non-routine situations
  • Using pronunciation and stress patterns more accurately
  • Extending job-related aviation vocabulary

Course benefits

During this course you will:

  • develop the use of operationally relevant, work-related language
  • develop and improve your communicative English language skills with the main focus on speaking and listening
  • improve your global competence in all six language skill areas specified in the ICAO Rating Scale: pronunciation, structure,  vocabulary,  fluency, comprehension and interactions
  • receive individual feedback on your English language and communication skills

In addition, you will have access to ETI’s e-learning platform. This e-Learning programme is available to you at registration and lasts up to 3 months after the end of your course.


Dates and rates

This course is held every Monday. It consists of our Mini Group on Fluent English training in addition to Individual Training dealing specifically for English for Aviation.

30 hours per week at €1,250

One-off registration fee is €60.

For more information on this course, in-company training and closed groups, please contact us.



  • Gruppengröße Maximum 6 Participants. Closed Group: Maximum of 8 Participants
  • Kurslevel Minimum of B1 (Intermediate)
  • Alter der Teilnehmer 24+
  • Kurslänge 25 or 30 hours over 5 training days

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