Investing in Skills - Malta Corporate Training 2021

ETICoursesProfessional English & Communication

ETI offers a full spectrum of English language training from General English to Team and Leadership training mainly addressing the needs of those organisations working internationally.

We offer training programmes to individuals and corporations at our training centres at our partner provider York Associates in the UK, in Malta, and onsite at client locations globally or programmes can be offered virtually online.

We can offer the folllwing online programmes or have elements of these courses tailored around the needs of your teams or organisations.

Effective Writing in English

Professional Communications Skills in English

Business Communication Skills in English

Feel free to contact us at [email protected] to get a quotation and proposal for this training

Organisations based in Malta can take up the opportunity to fund this training through the Investing in Skills programme at Jobsplus.  More information at Investing in Skills 2.0 and how Maltese organisations can apply for these training funds.

Effective Writing in English

This is an online course which aims to improve the level of business writing in English in different genres (letter, email etc) specifically around the language of travel and tourism. The online course will aim to develop the level of business writing mainly through emails in English specifically around the language of tourism, travel and the hospitality sector.

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