These courses focus on the Professional Communication Skills  you require to perform successfully in an international environment. These skills include participating in meetings, giving presentations, writing e-mails, etc.

Business Communication Combination Course

Our Business Communication Combination course is ideal if you wish to enjoy the opportunity of combining the benefits of group interaction in the Mini Group with individualised attention during your individual training with your trainer. The course is designed to help you develop the skills you require to become more effective when communicating in English with international contacts. During your...

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Individual Training

Our individual training courses are delivered by experienced trainers and are designed to target your specific needs. During the first session on the first day of your course, your trainer will carry out an in-depth needs analysis with you to determine which areas of language knowledge and which communication skills you need to improve in. A bespoke training programme will...

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Business Communication Mini Group

Our Business Communication Mini Group course is designed to help you develop the communication skills you require to perform your job successfully when communicating in English with international contacts. As part of a small group of in-service professional trainees, you will improve your Business English and your professional communication skills, chosen together with your trainer, from meetings, negotiations, presentations, participating...

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