Communicating in today’s workplace requires a mix of language knowledge and professional communication skills. English language knowledge gives you the security that you are using the correct forms; communication skills in English give you the ability to build relationships and accomplish tasks. Taken together these two elements will ensure you have the necessary skills to perform competently in English, in a professional environment.

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Sandra Bosshart, Swiss
“Our trainer’s way of teaching is excellent! The lessons were varied and interesting, recommendable for everyone! Thank you for everything”. Read more…..

Who is it for?

This course is for all educators, administration staff and other professionals who wish to concentrate on real practice of their professional communication skills in English.

Course details

The course offers active practice in the professional communication skills of meetings, negotiations, presentations, telephoning, emails and report writing. Additionally, you will be expected to take part in discussions on work-related topics and current affairs, and the intercultural aspects of working internationally. Your course also reviews useful language for socialising and networking.

You will be introduced to the core elements of the language we use when we have to work in English, such as phrases to agree/disagree, the diplomatic no, give and ask for an opinion, diplomatic etiquette, clarifying, question forms, signalling, bargaining, talking and presenting numbers.

All the sessions will be practical and hands-on. Our training resources include multimedia technology and the internet. Authentic materials are used to generate realistic and interesting discussions and role- plays. This gives you ample opportunity to practice these professional communication skills and maximise your command of English.

This course is eligible for funding under Erasmus+

You can download our detailed Training programme here. Please contact us should you require more information.

Course benefits

During the course you will be given opportunities to:

  • develop both the language needed for you to operate in an international working environment, and the professional skills for effective communication in English.
  • improve your skills in giving presentations, negotiating, attending and chairing meetings, writing emails and socialising.
  • gain better intercultural awareness and socialising abilities.
  • further develop your ability to respond in a fluent and accurate manner in English in various professional scenarios that you will encounter in your everyday professional life
  • you will have access to ETI’s e-learning platform. Our free e-Learning programme is available to you at registration and lasts up to 3 months after the end of your course.

This course is eligible for funds under Erasmus+

Dates and rates


Dates 2024

22-26 Jan 2024

19-23 Feb 2024

11-15 Mar 2024

08-12 Apr 2024

20-24  May 2024

05-09 Aug 2024

26-30 Aug 2024

14-18 Oct 2024

18-22 Nov 2024


Course Fee: €435 + €100 Programme Fee

For closed groups, in-company training  or more information please contact us



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Christine Guerin

“I didn’t think the course would be so intensive, and I’m very  happy that way. The lessons were challenging and very rich: a  perfect way to practice and improve”





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Irina khakhalina
Altai state university

Mini groups are very effective for mastering the language. Everybody is involved in the process. The teachers encourage the students during the lessons and they also comment on the mistakes by exploring the choice of proper words and grammatical structures. Much attention is paid to train your communication skills



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