This Master class course is based upon the award-winning book ‘Leading People’ written by Steve Flinders and published by Delta Publishing and York Associates. The course is aimed at people working internationally who would like to improve their communication skills for leading and managing people and teams in English.  In general, this course develops four areas of competence: English language, professional communication skills, intercultural competence and interpersonal skills, with a focus on the specific challenges of international leadership.

Who is it for

This course is ideal for

  • international managers working in English
  • leaders and members of international teams
  • individuals preparing to work internationally

Course details

This course focuses on four key areas, each essential for high performance in international projects:

  • English language, specialist terminology for management and leadership (building a team, giving direction, defining roles, etc.)
  • professional skills (building relationships, managing international meetings, negotiating, and presenting effectively, etc.)
  • intercultural competence (understanding organisational culture, managing team culture, giving and receiving feedback across cultures, etc.)
  • interpersonal skills (influencing, coaching and mentoring, and managing underperformance, etc. in an international context)


Course benefits

During this course you will:

  • develop an understanding of the core challenges of leading internationally, and work on solutions to the specific challenges which you are facing
  • increase your confidence, fluency and impact when using English in an international team and leadership context
  • improve key communication skills for international leadership and team work , giving you greater potential to build stronger relationships and achieve better results
  • receive personalised feedback on your own communication style, its strengths and potential risks for your international work

In addition, you will benefit from a subscription to our e-Learning online site to further develop your language knowledge and skills. This free service is available to you from registration until  3 months after the end of your course.


Dates and rates

For information on the start dates, our rates, closed groups or in-company training, please contact us.

Trainer profile

Until recently, Steve Flinders spent twenty years as a director of York Associates, our sister school in the UK. He is now a freelance coach, trainer and writer. He is the author of a number of books for people working internationally and has a special interest in international political, human resources, public service and trade union communication.

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Fast facts

  • Group Size Maximum of 8 participants
  • Course Level Minimum of B1 (Intermediate)
  • Participants' Age 24+
  • Course Length 30 hours over 5 training days