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Who is it for ?

This online English language course is for adult/mature learners (with minimum age of 24) who wish to develop their fluency in English and be able to communicate more easily and more confidently in the English language. There will be opportunities to improve the core language skills interactively  -listening, speaking , reading and writing, throughout this online course. The entry (minimum) level on this online course is A2+ ( Pre Intermediate)

Course Benefits

This online course will give one the opportunity to

  • Improve accuracy in use of grammar, broaden your vocabulary and refine your pronunciation in English
  • Develop fluency in English and confidence when speaking in English
  • Develop practical communication skills in English
  • Learn how to socialise with other multinational learners
  • Benefit from interactive virtual classes

Course content

A needs analysis will be carried out with all participants at the start of each session.


Discussions, group work and practice activities will revolve around a range of topics of general interest such as current affairs, latest trends, and customs, which are chosen according to your and the other trainees’ preferences.


You will be exposed to authentic materials and a variety of tools and resources such as current affair websites and interactive online applications to ensure that you receive a relevant,  interactive, hands-on training experience.

Included in fees:

  • Access to materials and interactive resources
  • Access to ETI E-learning platform for 6 months after the course.
  • Certificate of participation


7.5 hours per week


-Morning Sessions CET 09:00 -10:30 hrs

– Afternoon Sessions CET 12:45  -14:15 hrs

7.5 Hours per week Morning OR Afternoon Sessions

Price: € 140.00 per week


15 hours per week


-Morning Sessions CET 09:00 -10:30 hrs   10:45 -12:15 hrs

– Afternoon Sessions CET 12:45  -14:15 hrs 14:45-16:15 hrs

15 Hours per week Morning OR Afternoon Sessions

Price: € 240.00 per week

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Fast facts

  • Group Size Maximum of 6 participants
  • Course Level Minimum A2+ (Pre- Intermediate )
  • Participants' Age Minimum 24 years (average age of participants is 40)
  • Course Length 7.5 hours -15 hours / week
  • Price starting from Euro140.00 per week