The Fluent English course is designed to help you develop your fluency and confidence to be able to communicate more easily for work or personal reasons. The  Fluent English Combination course combines group practice opportunities with personalised individual sessions with your trainer so that you achieve results faster.


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Norbert Pesch

 “Improving my English in Malta was very nice and I loved the atmosphere at ETI.” Read more…


Who is it for?

This course is intended  for those who would like to improve their fluency and confidence to speak more easily and confidently in the English language for work or personal reasons.

Course details

By following our Fluent English Combination course, you benefit from participating in dynamic group sessions and  personalised individual training. Using authentic materials and a variety of tools such as current affair websites, your trainer will generate stimulating discussions on a range of up-to-date topics of general interest.

During the group sessions, topics are chosen according to your and the other participants’ preferences while for the individual sessions, you decide which areas of language you want to focus on.

Course benefits

This course will give you the opportunity to:

  • develop your fluency and be able to express yourself more confidently and effectively in English
  • improve your English language knowledge in grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation and be able to speak English more accurately
  • enhance your practical communication skills such as active listening and clear speaking
  • extend the skills you need to socialise and network more confidently
  • you will have access to ETI’s e-learning platform. Our e-Learning programme is available to you at registration and lasts up to 3 months after the end of your course.

Dates and rates

Our Mini Group courses start every Monday.

Combination Mini Group + Individual Training

22.5 hours of Mini Group + 5 hours Individual Training per week    €850

One-off registration fee is €60.

For more information on this course, in-company training and closed groups, please contact us.


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Annemarie de Jony

 “Improving my English in Malta was very nice and I loved the atmosphere at ETI.”




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Dorina Mackedanz
Head of Intercultural office
University of Applied Sciences, Neubrandenberg

 “I stayed at ETI for three weeks to improve my English Skills for my job. Already the first contact with the friendly staff was pleasant and helpful. At ETI I have to practice my communication abilities, to enhance my skills in English grammar and as well to go in contact with many people from all over the world. Especially the one-to-one lesons are tailored to my particular needs. I recommend ETI to all professional, you will advance your English skills in small groups.”


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Fast facts

  • Group Size Maximum of 6 participants
  • Course Level Minimum B1 ( Intermediate )
  • Participants' Age Minimum 24 years ( average age is 40)
  • Course Length 27.5 hours over 5 training days