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This 1 week course is ideal if you are looking to improve your English language skills and further develop your fluency and communication skills in English. No matter what level of English you are at, we can address your language and communication needs.

Bubble QuoteAnna Mörn
Södra Åland högstadiedistrikt, Finland

“ETI holds a very high standard, both in teaching and facilities. I feel inspired to go back home and take my teaching to a new level. This is something all English teachers should be able to do now and then to keep a good standard in the classroom” “This was a wonderful course, patient teacher and clear instruction even for someone like me who’s not very technical”.  Read more…

Who is it for

This course is ideal for teachers, tutors, trainers and/or educators who wish to develop their fluency and communication skills to express themselves more easily and more confidently in English. We assess each participant, thereby ensuring that the course is at the right level for you. Those at a lower level will join a General English course which will include modules with a focus on language development and hands-on practice of  speaking and listening skills in English. This course is merged at times with the General English 30+ course at some levels which addresses same objectives.

Course details

This 1 week intensive course is ideal if you are looking to develop your competence in the English language.  The course is specifically designed to promote your participation and interaction so as to improve your fluency and your English communication skills. The sessions are hands-on and will involve discussions about current affairs and topics of general interest using brainstorming, problem solving tasks and role-play in both pair-work and group-work activities.  The use of multimedia, the internet and authentic material such as current affairs websites and journals generates stimulating discussions and a professional environment for you to practise and improve your English.

Throughout the course your trainer will hold language clinics and tackle any English language weaknesses identified throughout your sessions.

Download our detailed Training programme here. Please contact us should you require more information.

Course benefits

During the course you will have the opportunity to:

  • develop your fluency and be able to express yourself more confidently and effectively in English
  • improve your English language knowledge in grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, and be able to speak English more accurately
  • develop your practical communication skills such as active listening
  • extend the skills you need to socialize and network more confidently.

In addition:

  • you will benefit from a subscription to our e-Learning online site to further develop your language knowledge and skills. This  service is available to you from registration until  3 mmonths afterthe end of your course.
  • to further your learning and networking potential with trainers and other fellow trainees and colleagues you will be provided with an opportunity to join the ETI teacher training Facebook group.

This course is eligible for funds under Erasmus+

Dates and rates

Dates 2024

08-12 Jan 2024

15-19 Jan 2024

22-26 Jan 2024

29 Jan – 02 Feb 2024

05-09 Feb 2024
12-16 Feb 2024

19-23 Feb 2024

26 Feb – 01 Mar 2024

04-08 Mar 2024

11-15 Mar 2024

01-05 Apr 2024

08-12 Apr 2024

15-19 Apr 2024

22-26 Apr 2024

13-17 May 2024

20-24 May 2024

27-31 May 2024

10-14 Jun 2024

17-21 Jun 2024

24-28 Jun 2024

01-05 Jul 2024

08-12 Jul 2024

15-19 Jul 2024

22-26 Jul 2024

29 July – 02 Aug 2024

05-09 Aug 2024

19-23 Aug 2024

26-30 Aug 2024

30 Sep – 04 Oct 2024

07-11 Oct 2024

14-18 Oct 2024

21-25 Oct 2024

28 Oct – 01 Nov 2024

04-08 Nov 2024

11-15 Nov 2024

18-22 Nov 2024

25-29 Nov 2024




Course Fee: €400 + €100 Programme Fee

For closed groups, in-company training  or more information please contact us



Bubble Quote

Erik Achterkamp

 “I really liked the work forms for fluency. It was good, relaxed  and fun. To work together for a week really gave me some  special moments. Thanks for that”




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Donatella Barricelli
IC3 Carmagnola

“I liked that the school is inside the hotel, the organisation of the  course and the small groups divided into different levels of  English knowledge”.



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