CLIL Methodology and ICT Tools for Teachers Working with CLIL 2 weeks

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This 2 week course is a combination of our two, one-week courses; Practical Methodology for Teachers Working with CLIL and Technology & ICT Tools for Teachers Working with CLIL.
It introduces you to the principles of CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) and analyses CLIL teaching techniques, including practical ways of integrating CLIL into a classroom teaching environment. Teachers will explore the 5 Cs of CLIL, scaffolding for learners, multimodality, assessment, and teaching aids in CLIL.
In the second week, participants will look at practical ways of integrating technology into a CLIL classroom teaching environment. You will explore a variety of ICT tools which you can use to facilitate and support teaching through CLIL.

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Bart Bosch, Dutch
“Effective training!”.

Who is it for

Our CLIL courses are designed for teachers (in the primary, secondary and vocational sectors) who teach other subjects, such as Geography, Mathematics, Science etc in English. This course is also ideal for those teachers who are about to start using CLIL to teach a subject in English, and would like to use technology as a teaching aid for CLIL in their lessons.

Course details

The main aim of this course is to explore the dimensions and approach of CLIL teaching and to provide practical methodology in teaching through CLIL. During this two-week course, we will look at the principles of teaching through CLIL, and also at CLIL ICT tools to facilitate CLIL teaching.

The 5 Cs of CLIL will be presented, explored and discussed, leading to the design of a lesson. Other areas such as cognition and thinking skills, scaffolding, multimodality and using aids for teaching CLIL will be introduced. Assessment will also be examined on this course.

Also introduced will be various ICT tools to integrate technology into CLIL teaching. Participants will be able to design online CLIL units and webquests.

You will have ample opportunity to try out all of these tools as all our courses are designed to be hands-on and practical. You will be expected to take an active role in all sessions, maximising your use of English, and collaborating together with your fellow trainees to create your own resources.

During our group discussions, you will have the opportunity to share CLIL activities that you have created, and also to provide feedback to each other.

You will be asked to reflect upon the training received and you will come up with a Personal Development Action Plan, selecting tools and activities you would like to try out in your own classes.

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Course benefits

During this course, you will have the opportunity to:

  • acquire a greater understanding of the principles underlying CLIL methodology
  • become better equipped to integrate technology into CLIL principles and methodology in your everyday lessons
  • develop your skills in designing CLIL learning materials
  • gain the skills to create your own teaching materials
  • become better equipped to integrate technology into CLIL principles and methodology in your everyday lessons
  • improve your command of English in a multi-cultural context

In addition:

  • you will benefit from a subscription to our e-Learning online site to further develop your language knowledge and skills. This service is available to you from registration until  3 months after the end of your course.
  • to further your learning and networking potential with trainers and other fellow trainees and colleagues, you will be provided with an opportunity to join the ETI teacher training Facebook group


This course is eligible for funds under Erasmus+


Dates and rates

Dates 2022

10-21 Jan 2022

24 Jan – 04 Feb 2022

14-25 Feb 2022

28 Feb-11 Mar 2022

14-25 Mar 2022

04-15 Apr 2022

11-22 Apr 2022

18-29 Apr 2022

02-13 May 2022

30 May – 10 Jun 2022

13-24 Jun 2022

27 Jun – 08 Jul 2022

04-15 Jul 2022

18-29 Jul 2022

01-12 Aug 2022

15-26 Aug 2022

22 Aug-02 Sep 2022

03-14 Oct 2022

17-28 Oct 2022

31 Oct-11 Nov 2022

14-25 Nov 2022


Course Fee: €800 + €100 Programme Fee

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Kathryn Lyness
I.C. Cembra, Ireland

“My experience at ETI was fantastic, the staff is very friendly and  my trainer brilliant. I would definitely return. I learned so  much. Thanks ETI”



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Marjan Dichhof

“Lessons were full of exercises, ideas and focused on CLIL. I have learnt a lot!”



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Fast facts

  • Group Size Maximum of 15 participants
  • Course Level Minimum of B1 (Intermediate)
  • Participants' Age 23 years +
  • Course Length 10 training days
  • Price starting from Euro 800.00