Our Business Communication Combination course is ideal if you wish to enjoy the opportunity of combining the benefits of group interaction in the Mini Group with individualised attention during your individual training with your trainer. The course is designed to help you develop the skills you require to become more effective when communicating in English with international contacts. During your group sessions, you will improve your Business English and your professional communication skills, chosen together with your trainer and the other group participants, from meetings, negotiations, presentations, participating in teleconferences, email and report writing, socialising and the use of diplomatic language in an international meeting or conference. During the individual sessions with your trainer, you will identify areas of business language, such as specialist vocabulary, or a particular professional communication skill, where you feel you need more intensive practice.


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Who is it for

The Business Communication Combination course is intended for executives, managers and professionals who work internationally.

Course details

When you book a Business Communication Combination course, it means that you are booking a group course and individual training sessions. The mix of group interaction with personalised attention allows you to maximise your learning in a short amount of time.

Group sessions are tailor-made to your and the rest of the participants’ learning needs. The course content may focus on improving your Business English (grammar and business/specialist vocabulary) and level of English as well as on improving and developing your professional communication skills (leading/participating in (virtual) meetings, delivering presentations, negotiating, telephoning, socialising and writing emails. You will also develop intercultural competence and become more aware of your own and others’ culture. All these components will help you to become a more effective communicator when working internationally,

Your one-to-one sessions will be tailor-made and specifically designed around your learning requirements. On your first day of training you will discuss your learning objectives with your trainer and agree on the course content. This can be any combination of professional communication skills,  English language knowledge input and/or additional fluency practice.

Your group trainer and your individual trainer will liase daily to ensure that you reach your language and communication learning goals.

Course benefits

By following our Business Communication Combination course you will:

  • gain confidence and become more effective in your professional communication skills when giving presentations, leading/participating in (virtual) meetings, negotiating, telephoning,  socialising and writing in English
  • you will improve your Business English language knowledge in grammar, (specialist) vocabulary and pronunciation and be able to speak English more accurately
  • through active participation in realistic meeting scenarios and discussions, you will develop your confidence to speak more easily in English across a range of everyday business situations
  • you will improve in the specific areas of weakness that you identified with your trainer
  • you will develop better intercultural awareness
  • you will be able to socialise in English more easily
  • you will develop your practical communication skills such as active listening
  • you will have access to ETI’s e-learning platform. Our e-Learning programme is available to you at registration and lasts up to 3 months after the end of your course.

Dates and rates

This course is held every Monday throughout the year.

Combination Mini Group + Individual Training

22.5hours Group +5 hours Individual Training                           € 950

22.5 hours Group +7 hours Individual Training                         €1080

15 hours Group+15 hours Individual Training                          €1,410


A one-time registration fee of €60 is required.

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Ulrike Prey
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 “The combination of learning in small groups and having  private lessons was very good. I think I’ve learned a lot and I  will come back next year.”



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“A course at ETI is a successful and valuable investment”









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Fast facts

  • Group Size Maximum of 6 participants in the Mini Group
  • Course Level B1 (Intermediate)
  • Participants' Age Minimum 24 years (average age is 40)
  • Course Length 30 hours or 27.5 Hours 5 training days